FEA Software Installation Error = 931546

FEA Software Installation Error = 931546

This error occurs when attempting to install the software from a CD with a date limit on the installer. You can acquire the full program from the download page on our website. To access the download page, you must setup a membership account. Your account is not tied to your License Number or software registration. Once logged in and on the download page find the file entitled.

PRG 2007 Release

Installation program for full release of PRG software. Registration and activation with PRG is required. Note that this installation package is a cumulative installation that includes critical updates and black box fix.

The file above is all of the programs. As a result, it’s about 128 MB. Once downloaded, you may continue the installation as normal. You will need to disable any antivirus software running, as it may prevent a full installation.

A forewarning though, our program does not work with any odd characters (Such as periods, commas, or slashes. However, Underscores do work) in the path names. Whether it is in the initial install directory or the individual job names. To save your self a hassle and a lot of time please ensure now that it a good install directory.


Above is an example of a clean directory. (Should be the default) After successfully installing the program, you will still need to authorize it. Please refer to the manual in the installation folder or our installation guides also located on our FAQ page. Should you have any questions about authorization, or any further problems installing, please contact support@paulin.com

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