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Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis
of Piping Models


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Easily import your design from Pipe Stress programs such as PCL Gold for deeper analysis.

Path 237

Model Updates

Enhance your piping model with more applicable stress intensification, flexibility and sustained stress factors.

Path 238

ASME B31 Calculator

Use material more efficiently by accurately calculating pipe wall thickness.



No Expertise Required

Prevent Piping Failures and Avoid Unnecessary Redesigns


Overcome oversimplified beam elements within your pipe modeling software. Lower material and welding costs with more robust stress analysis. FEA Tools enables you to design with additional insights, including:

  • Flexibility Factor
  • Stress Intensification Factor
  • Sustained Stress Indices

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Finite element analysis of your piping designs is easy with FEATools. Discover all that's included.


We regularly update FEATools with new features to enhance your finite element analysis. Learn what's new to v.15.


FEATools Sample Analysis and Report

FEATools generates ready-to-submit compliance reports. Simply input your variables and get your report.


Pipe Stress Analysis Software that
Saves Time & Money

FEA Tools is your easy-to-use tool for ASME-compliant piping calculations. Onboarding is fast and learning the software is a breeze.


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