Experimental Evaluation of the Markl Fatigue Methods and ASME Piping Stress Intensification Factors (July 2008)

Markl, SIFs, and ASME VIII-2 Fatigue Design (January 2008)

Fatigue Testing of Welded Flat Head Pressure Vessel Joints (July 2007)

Regression Analysis of Markl Girth Butt Weld Data (May 2007)

Items for Discussion Related to the Div 2 Rewrite Master SN Method (February 2007)

Observations Related to the Master SN Method in the ASME Division 2 Rewrite Project (February 2007)

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Update on Fatigue Testing at Paulin Research Group (November 2006)

Fatigue Testing and Life Estimates of Welded Flat Head Pressure Vessel Joints(July 2006)


Pipe Stress

Stress Intensification Factor (SIF) & Pipe Stress Checklist (2008)

Evaluate stresses from Ansys®, CAESAR II® or any other program for fatigue, high temperature or fitness-for-service.  (2008)

Experimental Validation shows that FE-107 Provides More Accurate Results than WRC-107 (2008)

Pipe Stress Errors – When You’re Off by 10 Times! (January 2008)

What if the SIF is Not Accurate? (January 2008)

What is a Stress Intensification Factor (SIF)? (January 2008)

Which WRC 107/297 Parameters Should I Check and When Is My Geometry Valid for a WRC/297 Analysis? (January 2008)

Use SIFs and Flexibilities in CAESAR II® (January 2008)


ST LLC 07 02 and ST LLC 07 10 Technical Documents

2011 ECTC Proceedings – Revision of B31 Code equations for SIFs & k-factors for Intersections

PRG Presentation – ASME ST LLC 07-02 Recommended Changes to Appendix D