About PRG


Our founder and president, Anthony W. Paulin, Jr. is the original author and architect of the CAESAR II pipe stress program.  He and Rex Evans purchased COADE from McGraw-Hill in 1988 and turned CAESAR II into a global phenomenon.


In 1991 Mr. Paulin founded PAULIN Research Group (PRG) in order to apply the latest FEA technology to the pressure vessel and piping industries.  PRG has enjoyed a steady and stable growth and expanded its products and features through physical testing and sheer tenacity.



We are focused on developing new technology to allow engineers to design safer and better plants and components.  PRG develops FEA-based software for the power, petrochemical, offshore & chemical industries.  We offer two (2) software products for your various analysis needs:


FEPipe is PRG’s flagship template-based FEA package and has been in development for over 28 years.  Analyze individual or multi-component geometries to consider interaction between multiple nozzles, saddles, clips, lugs, bends, etc.

NozzlePRO is a single component analysis tool, providing simplified model-building techniques with the power of finite elements. It is a significant improvement over the limitations inherent in WRC 107/297.


Consulting is commonly performed for key clients and to support the ongoing PRG research and development initiatives. Many new product features come out of the consulting that we perform.  PRG also works with a network of close technology partners to refer consulting jobs when our staff is not available.



PAULIN Research Group is dedicated to:

  • Continuing to provide our customers with advanced technology and techniques for performing engineering tasks and analyses.  We go beyond the standard bells and whistles to focus on providing the engineer with results which are right and not simply “good enough”.
  • Continuing to provide our customers with the personal and savvy technical support that they have come to expect.  Our support team develops the software.  We don’t outsource our support.
  • Continue to improve our marketing, sales and communication with our customers so that they have access to the most up-to-date information on products, training and webinars.



 Anthony Paulin, Jr. has served as a Member of the B31 Mechanical Design Technical Committee since March 1994.  During this time, he has been instrumental in helping to define new standards for the B.31 Codes that improve both the accuracy and safety of piping and pressure vessel designs.

In PRG’s opinion, the current changes made to the B.31 Codes (B31J 2017), and the future changes to come, will be the single most important set of Code changes in the design and analysis of pressure vessel and piping components in the last 40 years.  These changes came largely out of research, testing, and analysis that was envisioned by, and guided by Tony Paulin Jr. over the last 20 years.  With the help of the rest of the ASME committee members, these changes have been added to the B.31 Codes.