FESIF v2.7



FESIF is a finite element based program that automatically calculates stress intensification factors (SIFs) and flexibility factors for a wide range of piping intersections not covered by the B31 piping codes.  B31.3 states that for certain intersections, “selection of the appropriate SIF is the designer’s responsibility”.  FESIF automatically produces these “appropriate SIFs” for geometries where the B31 codes are not suited.

FESIFv2.7 Flyer.PDF

When should I use FESIF?

  • 1.0 > d/D > 0.5 for unreinforced for pad reinforced branch connections.
  • Pad reinforced reducing branch connections
  • Hillsides or laterals
  • D/T > 100
  • Area replacement rules for pressure are only barely satisfied and D/T > 50.
  • Temperatures exceed 750F for ferritic steels and 850F for austenitic steels.
  • The number of Thermal or Pressure cycles are greater than 5000.
  • Design and operating conditions are approximately the same and stresses at the branch are > 85% of the allowable.
  • Piping attached to the nozzle is long, flexible, and somewhat unrestrained and D/T > 50
  • Branch connections are present in cones, spherical, flat, dished or elliptical heads.
  • d/D < 0.5 for run SIFs

How do I get FESIF?

FESIF v2.7 is an SMS-dependent module and is only available with an active support agreement for either FEPipe or NozzlePRO.  It is not sold as an independent program.

Please contact the PRG sales office:

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Ryan Metcalf – Director of Sales & Marketing