FE107 v2.7



FE107 uses finite element technology to provide stress analyses of nozzle connections on piping and pressure vessels.  It replaces WRC 107 as a calculation tool that can be applied when WRC107 or WRC297 correlations or assumptions are limited.  FE107 output compares directly to the code results for comparison.

FE107 v2.7 Flyer.PDF

When should I use FE107?

  • d/D > 0.5
  • t/T < 1.0
  • (d/D)(D/T)5 < 2
  • Pad reinforced nozzles
  • Hillsides or Laterals
  • Area replacement rules for pressure are barely satisfied and large diameter divided by thickness ration (D/T).
  • Temperatures are in the creep regime.
  • The number of Thermal or Pressure cycles is greater than 5000.
  • Design and operating conditions are approximately the same and calculated stresses are within 85% of the allowable.

The piping attached to the nozzle is long, flexible, and somewhat unrestrained.

How do I get FE107?

FE107 v2.7 is an SMS-dependent module and is only available with an active support agreement for either FEPipe or NozzlePRO.  It is not sold as an independent program.


Please contact the PRG sales office:

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