NozzlePRO v12.1

Thermal Gradient Shoe 1


NozzlePRO is a unique and easy-to-use FEA tool for vessel and piping engineers.  It is specifically designed to analyze individual nozzles (straight, hillside, pad-reinforced), saddles, lugs and pipe shoes. Reinforcing pads for lugs and wear plates for shoes and saddles can be integral and non-integral.  You can include beam elements to pipe up to the nozzle in order to include the correct attached pipe stiffness and thus applying the correct loads in your analysis.

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What is included with NozzlePRO?

Although NozzlePRO is very effective as a stand-alone product, several advanced modules are bundled with the program to enhance analysis capabilities.


These modules were designed to add increased ease-of-use & design for the most common analysis needs. All of these modules use the FEA engine from FEPipe to perform the high-level calculations and reporting. All of the following modules are included with NozzlePRO v12.1 as specialized templates.

  • MATpRO
  • Fitness for Service


These modules were also designed to add increased ease-of-use & design for the most common analysis needs. Some of the STANDARD templates were converted to more simplified analysis tools. These modules are included with an active NozzlePRO v12.1 service plan.

• FE107
• FETee

What kinds of analysis can I perform with NozzlePRO?


  • Element library (beam, shell, axisymmetric, & brick)
  • Linear elastic analysis
  • Material non-linear analysis (plasticity) (elastic-plastic analysis per ASME Section VIII-2 Part 5)
  • Steady state and transient thermal analysis (for lugs & shoes)
  • 2007 Edition of ASME Section VIII-2 (and post 2007, i.e. 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017)


  • Weight, Operating, Occasional, Thermal and Pressure
  • Internal or external pressure
  • Applied point or surface loadings
  • Piping loads applied to nozzles
  • Acceleration due to ship motion or transportation
  • Seismic


  • MultiCore SuperNode Solver (64-bit solution that runs 2-4 times faster)
  • Automatic Generation of d B31.3 SSIs or B31.1 replacement for .75i per B31J
  • Directives for EN13445 Local Stress Analysis
  • Reinhart Elastic-Plastic Ratcheting
  • Twice Yield Fatigue Evaluation
  • Fitness for Service (API-579/FFS-1 Level 1-3 local thinning capability)

How do I buy NozzlePRO?

To purchase FEPipe or NozzlePRO, please contact the PRG sales office:

PAULIN Research Group
11211 Richmond Ave., Suite 109
Houston, TX 77082

Phone: 281.920.9775 Fax: 281.920.9739

Ryan Metcalf – Director of Sales & Marketing