PAULIN Research Group enters into Alliance with EngineeringTrainer and Dynaflow Research Group for online training for PRG Software.

50% Discount for New PRG Online Training Suite

Paulin Research Group has entered into a partnership with EngineeringTrainer, who collaborates with both PRG and Dynaflow Research Group to provide the PRG Software user community with high quality online training content. A self-paced NozzlePRO video-course can be purchased directly and an instructor-led online FE/Pipe course will be held in April & May. If you are a PRG customer with active support for your PRG License(s), you are entitled to a 50% discount on all PRG Software related course topics. This is a limited time offer, so we recommend acting on this soon. For more information, please see


PAULIN Research Group – Software & FEA Training Seminars

PRG does not currently have a firmly set Training Seminar.  We are are in the process of redoing the agenda based on the new major version 14.x release of both FEPipe and NozzlePRO.  Please come back soon to look for an update on this.

If you have any interest in online training for NozzlePRO basics (more to come in the future), please visit and look for the NozzlePRO course content.

Next planned Seminar in Fall 2020 – Dates and Agenda still to be set. (Subject to developments with Covid19 Pandemic).


Day 1     NozzlePRO Basics

  • Basic Nozzle Analysis
    • Satisfying the Sec. VIII – Div. 2 Code
    • Volumetric Analysis
    • Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer in Nozzles
  • Saddles and Pipe Shoes
    • Satisfying the Codes
    • Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer in Saddles and Pipe Shoes
  • Basic Nonlinear Use (Introduction to Sec. VIII – 2 Part 5 Elastic Plastic Analysis)
  • Nonintegral Repads
  • Introduction to the new Drawing Tools
  • Introduction to basic Fitness for Service: Local Thin Areas and Crack-Like Flaws


Day 2     FEPipe Basics

  • FEPipe Templates and Their Capabilities
  • Multiple Nozzles and Supports
  • Combining Models to Create Larger Systems
  • Skirts and Static/Dynamic Seismic Analysis
  • Pressure Capacity and SIFs for B16.9 and EN10253 Welding Tees


Day 3     NozzlePRO / FEPipe Advanced Topics

  • Establishing Noncyclic Service for Vessels & Piping Systems
  • Simple Volumetric Rules of Thumb
  • Nonlinear Analysis Introduction
  • Section VIII Div. 2 – Specific examples for pressure vessels and piping
  • New Drawing Tools – Intermediate and Advanced Capability


Day 4     New Functionality

  • Nonlinear Analysis VIII-2 Part 5 Elastic-Plastic Compliance for Higher Allowable Loads
  • Nonlinear Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Flange Joints
  • Local Thin Area and Crack Analysis | Fitness for Service
    • Knowing when to inspect for cracks
    • Crack Prediction – how to use the FFS and Inspection Guidance
    • Crack Growth Model and Inspections
    • FFS & Linear Analysis |  FFS & Nonlinear Analysis
    • J Integrals


Day 5     New Functionality

  • Point Cloud Examples
    • Establish a baseline for an installed piping system
    • Understand accuracy calibration by the laser scanner
    • Evaluating operating piping systems – what to expect
    • Verifying vessels and nozzle placement
  • BOS B31 – basic fluid mechanics and common variables for:
    • Slug Flow
    • Waterhammer
    • Relief Valve Firing
    • Two Phase Flow
  • Cumulative Damage and Code Compliance (PCL-Gold and CAESAR II)
  • Piping Fitness for Service
  • When is it critical to use B31J?
  • When should a piping system be inspected?
  • Piping System Gap Analysis for Flanges


Note:  Items may change, be moved to different days, or skipped based on course progress and software.