Recent and Upcoming Webinars

PRG held three recent webinars on the following topics:

Membrane Buckling in common PVP Components

Quick and easy Fitness for Service (FFS) Analysis in NozzlePRO and FEPipe, including Plastic deformation checks

SIFs, SSIs, and Section VIII – Division 2 Elastic Plastic Analysis

If you would like to re-watch these Webinars, please visit our YouTube Channel by clicking here:  PRG_YOUTUBE.

Online Webinar Follow-up Sessions for customers on Support

PRG will hold online hands on sessions (using cloud resources) for customers with active support to test this new functionality and work through the examples given in the webinars.  Please send an email to to register for these sessions.


PRG Collaborates with EngineeringTrainer and Dynaflow Research Group for Online Training

50% Discount for New PRG Online Training Suite

Paulin Research Group has entered into a partnership with EngineeringTrainer, who collaborates with both PRG and Dynaflow Research Group to provide the PRG Software user community with high quality online training content. A self-paced NozzlePRO video-course can be purchased directly and an instructor-led online FE/Pipe course will be held in April & May. If you are a PRG customer with active support for your PRG License(s), you are entitled to a 50% discount on all PRG Software related course topics. This is a limited time offer, so we recommend acting on this soon. For more information, please see


PAULIN Research Group – New Version Announcements (for customers on support)

FEPipe v14.0 & NozzlePRO v14.1 released November 15, 2019

  • Version 14.0 of FEPipe and version 14.1 of NozzlePRO are now released, and available for use by existing customers whose licenses are active on support.  To get the new version, send your request to
  • For a document that provides a thorough summary of the new functionality and features in the new release, please click on this link:  NewFeatures-2019Release.pdf.

FEATools v4.2 released by Hexagon PPM & NozzlePRO v14.2 release coming soon

  • Version 14.2 of NozzlePRO is to be released this summer.  The new features for this upcoming version can be reviewed in the document that can be found by clicking on this link:  NozzlePRO_v142_NewFeatures.
  • Version 4.2 of FEATools (the “bolt on” program for Caesar II that addresses B31J Code changes) is being released by Hexagon along with the upcoming version 12 release of Caesar II.  The new features for this upcoming version can be reviewed in the document that can be found by clicking on this link: FEATools_v42_NewFeatures.


Important Industry News:  B31J 2017

The ASME B31 Committees recently officially released the new Standard making B31J – 2017 available and part of the B.31 Code.  This is a fundamental transformation for pressure vessel and piping design, and will impact virtually every PVP design project in the future.  B31J marks the first major improvement in the treatment of SIFs, k-factors, and SSIs in the Code in the last 40+ years.  Implementation of this new approach will result in more accurate designs and a reduction in costs related to design, construction, and lifecycle maintenance of a plant, while simultaneously improving safety.