FE/Pipe with PCL-Gold: Get FEA results without having to learn a new piping or FEA program!

North American Training Seminars - Dates & Locations
Paulin Research Group will be conducting a 4-day FEA Training Seminar in April, 2015.

Four (4) day FEA Training Seminar - Houston, TX
April 13 - 16, 2015 (Monday - Thursday)


PAULIN Research Group Major Software Release - 2014
PRG is proud to announce a major release of version 7.0 of FEPipe and version 9.0 of NozzlePRO. This release includes new functionality, significant enhancements to current functionality, and imrpoved GUIs. To see a summary of the new features that will be included in this release, please see the flyer we have prepared by clicking HERE.


Customers with ACTIVE software maintenance & support ("SMS") agreements - "on support"

Version 7.0 of FE/Pipe and version 9.0 of NozzlePRO are now available for downlioad for those customers who are current on their software maintenance and support agreements. ("SMS") Customers with a support agreement in good standing may send a request for the new version to When making the request, please try to inlcude your software license number. (It will have the form FP-nnnnn for FEPipe licenses or NP-nnnnn for NozzlePRO licenses where nnnnn is a five digit number) If you do not provide your license number, it may delay the process.

Customers with EXPIRED software maintenance & support ("SMS") agreements - "off support"

If you or your company has allowed your support agreement to expire/lapse, you will need to contact the PRG sales department and first renew your software maintenance and support agreement with PRG before you can request this major new version of our software. To do so simply send an e-mail to the PRG sales group at

A Revolution in Piping Design and Analysis: FEATools™

- Built specifically for CAESAR II Users - To be sold exclusively by Intergraph


PRG is proud to announce that Intergaph is now selling, distributing, and providing support for a new PRG product called FEATools™. This product is a valuable collection of easy to use FEA analysis modules and a CAESAR II FEA "Translator" (conversion program) that will significantly improve designs and stress analysis of piping systems. More information on FEATools™ can be found on the Intergraph web site by clicking HERE.

PRG and Intergraph presented two detailed webinars on this product and technology that presented both commercial and technical information on the value provided to a CAESAR II user. Links to these two Webinars are provided below:

CAESAR II Webinar : Let Industry Experts Run FEA on Your CAESAR II Models - Part 1 of 2

CAESAR II Webinar : Let Industry Experts Run FEA on Your CAESAR II Models - Part 2 of 2

If you are interested in buying FEATools™, please contact your Intergaph sales representative. If you are unable to contact your Intergraph sales representative, please e-mail and PRG will have someone from Intergaph get in touch with you.

PRG's Core Products
Click on the images below to access a product brochure
FPFPButton NPFPButton PCLFPButton
Template-based FEA of complex PVP structures
Rapid single component FEA modeling & analysis
Advanced FEA-based pipe stress analysis

FEA Technology for Rapid Stress Analysis of Piping & Pressure Vessels

Your engineering staff should use FEA analysis if they are involved in pressure vessel or pipe stress analyis and design. Our FEA software uses templates to quickly perform stress analysis of pipes, piping systems, nozzles, tanks, and other components typically found in the pressure vessel and piping industry. FEA techniques are of extreme value when dealing with components or systems that involve any of the following:

  • Inaccurate SIFs
  • Inaccurate Flexibilities
  • Large d/D Geometries
  • AIV
  • Many or complex load cases
  • Path-dependent friction
  • Non-convergent Friction
  • Overstressed beam models
  • Strong temperature gradients
  • Thermal bowing
  • D/T > 100
  • D/T > 50 with high Press.
  • D/T > 50 with high loads
  • Corrosion
  • Nozzles with high loads
  • Piping with external loads 
  • High axial stresses
  • Thin-walled pipe
  • High thermal cycles
  • High pressure cycles
  • Glass-lined pipe
  • Refractory-lined pipe
  • Hot sustained cases
  • Seismic analysis
  • Wind analysis
  • Other impact loads
  • Complex loading
  • High branch stresses
  • Low cycle fatigue
  • Complex pipe supports

Use our FEA Technology to Check Your Beam or Shell Model Results

With PCL-Gold, our new pipe stress module within FE/Pipe, you can directly import CAESAR II models and apply our FEA technology to do the following:

Future versions of our software will support importing Compress vessel models to integrate with your piping models.

PRG Consolidates Software Products: FE/Pipe, NozzlePRO, & BOS Fluids

To get more information on the consolidation of our products, click HERE.

PAULIN Research Group Announces Pipe Stress Module in FE/Pipe

Paulin Research Group is proud to announce the availability of our new Pipe Stress module PCL-Gold in the latest release of FE/Pipe v6.5. All customers who are current on their support for FE/Pipe will have access to the new pipe stress module.

PCL-Gold Version 5.0 is planned for release in late 2012. This version will have added AIV and improved friction algorithms, along with additional features added to NozzlePRO and FE/Pipe.

To request a trial/demo version of any PRG software product, click HERE.

For a price quote on any PRG product, please call +1-281-920-9775 and ask for sales, or e-mail