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The Ultimate FEA Program For Nozzles

Conical Head types




Go Beyond the Limits of WRC Calculations!

Finite Element Analysis for Loadings on Multiple Nozzles


PVPTPro allows users to design ASME code-compliant models with multiple nozzles, spaced or tightly clustered and with or without pressure and external loads. The program uses a finite element analysis approach with 8-noded shell elements to properly solve code concerns where most common methods come up short.

Through FEA, vessel designers and engineers gain a comprehensive tool for stress analysis that outperforms other methods like WRC 107, WRC 297, WRC 537, and STP-PT-074.

Model clustered nozzle designs on a variety of shells, including:

  • Flat heads
  • Hemispherical heads
  • Dished/Torispherical heads
  • Elliptical heads
  • Cylindrical heads
  • Conical heads

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Rapid Modeling of Multi-Nozzle Designs


Perform Proper Stress Calculations


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All pressure vessels have nozzles, and all nozzles are subject to some sort of external load. Often, this can be overlooked during initial design, and what’s more, the supported methods that have been published can be limiting in their scope. With PVPTPro, calculations are provided to help you determine proper stresses, stress categories, and allowable stresses.

  • A finite element analysis can handle external loads due to attached piping as well as internal pressure simultaneously.

  • Whereas WRC calculations are limited to providing stresses to a few points, PVPTPro visibly demonstrates stress throughout the entirety of the model.

  • The WRC methods rarely provide insight about acceptability criteria, but PVPTPro categorizes the stresses and compares them to the allowables as required for ASME Section VIII, Division 2 Part 5 Code Compliance.

Bridge the gap between NozzlePro and FEPipe. PVPTPro allows you to simultaneously account for the effect of pressure and external loadings on two or more nozzles.

Quickly design and perform FEA on more complicated models with expanded geometric permutations and accurately account for all the nozzles impacting your pressure vessel's design, including:

  • Straight
  • Pad-Reinforced 
  • Heavy Barrel

What's more, nozzles can be located anywhere on the shell, including:

  • Center of the head,
  • Offset from the center, and
  • Titled.

Account for the interaction between the pad and nozzle, as well as the interaction of the pad to the shell weld, instantly!

Analyze Multiple Nozzles Simultaneously


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Nozzle Analysis, Stress Calculations & More


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PVPTPro helps to fill in the gap of ASME Section VIII Div 1 and 2 Design By Rule guidelines for evaluating multiple nozzles under pressure loading and for multiple nozzles under external loads.

With various features and capabilities to automate and create efficiency for pressure equipment design and analysis, check out PVPTPro today!

  • An easy-to-use interface that includes data fields that are linked to graphical representations clarifying every diameter, thickness and offset values.

  • Automatic code compliance reports based on the Design By Analysis portion of the ASME Section VIII, Division 2 (VIII-2), Part 5 for linear-elastic analysis.

  • Temperature and pressure load evaluations with input options at multiple points across the model.

  • Automatic stress categorization that includes a comprehensive comparison against the allowable stresses shown in the Hopper Diagram from ASME VIII-2, Figure 5.1.

  • Easy primary, secondary and fatigue evaluations with the click of a button.

  • Data reports in an easy-to-read format that can be exported to Excel, as a PDF or an HTML file.