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PAULIN Research Group - Product Resellers - 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: PRG provides sales and service to all regions in the world. If we feel you would be better served by sales or support services in your location, then we will refer you on to the appropriate reseller in your region.

The following table summarizes the PRG resellers, their services, roles, and if applicable, the regions in which they operate.

Reseller Name T_vert_text R_vert_text RS_vert_text C_vert_text T_vert_text Web Site Reseller
Paulin Research Group Reseller Summary
PAULIN RESEARCH GROUP CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark GLOBAL
Dynaflow Research Group CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark Global(1)
Fuchs Corporation GmbH   CheckMark CheckMark   CheckMark Western Europe(2)
Chempute   CheckMark South Africa
G&G Srl   CheckMark Spain, Portugal
CodeCAD   CheckMark CheckMark   CheckMark Canada
Cortex Engineering Software   CheckMark Australia,
New Zealand
Delite Soft Srl   CheckMark Eastern Europe
DMS Corporation   CheckMark China
ImageGrafix &
ImageGrafix India
Middle East
SVG Technology   CheckMark Southeast Asia(3)
MicroTechno   CheckMark Italy
ModeloSoft   CheckMark Mexico
UIT Inc.   CheckMark South Korea

NOTES () :
1 –Global Reseller for joint technology and consulting, Regional reseller for PRG products
2 – With a Focus on Germany and France, Excluding Spain & Portugal
3 – Excluding Australia & New Zealand