What is FEBend?

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FEBend is a finite element analysis program for analyzing bends and elbows with a round pipe or structural steel attachment.

Bends and elbows are commonly supported through round or structural steel supports. The piping design standards do not provide much guidance regarding the effects of a support has on the stress intensification and flexibility of the component.

Structural steel allows inspection of the welds during operation but the knife edge effects on the piping cause a can opener effect on the component. Round attachments distribute the load more evenly but are more difficult to inspect in operation. In both cases, accurate analysis of the stresses can be critical in cyclic service.

Since FEBend uses the finite element method, FEBend is independent of any geometric limitations used in the piping design standards. So, you can use FEBend to evaluate bends regardless of size or loading.

What are key FEBend features?

  • Accurately model the ovalization of the bend or elbow
  • Automated calculation of stress intensification factors and flexibilities
  • Automated ASME code compliance check
  • Context sensitive graphics that illustrate program input
  • Fatigue calculations for piping and pressure vessel codes
  • Pad reinforcement
  • Rich DirectX graphics illustrate model and results
  • Structural steel: Angle, Channel, Cross, Flange, Tee
  • Stress analysis subject to external loads from pipe stress analysis program