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B31J - 2017 Overview and Related PRG Information
Paulin Research Group's President, Tony Paulin Jr., has spent the majority of his professional career working actively with the ASME B31 Committees to help contribute to the ASME B31 Codes, and to develop and sell complimentary technology that helps to improve the accuracy and safety of Pressure Vessel and Piping designs based on these Codes.

With the pulbication of Standard "B31J - 2017", a new bar has been set for the development and use of SIFs and k-Factors in the design of both piping systems and pressure vessels. This new standard will forever change the way piping components and piping systems are designed and analyzed. It is truly a leap in technology in this field.

The full title of this new Standard B31J - 2017 is:

Stress Intensification Factors (i-Factors), Flexibility Factors (k-Factors), and Their Determination for Metallic Piping Components

What is in this Standard, and how might it affect your piping design and pipe stress analysis work? Well, we have a fairly short answer to that question, and then for those who are interested in the details, we have a longer answer (document) and a serise of upcoming Webinars.

What is B31J - 2017? - "short answer"
B31J - 2017 will provide new formulas (calculations) for SIFs and k-Factors that can, for many components, signifcantly change the flexibility factor or SIF for a piping component, thus significantly changing the calculated stresses, displacements, and loads of that component or the network of piping that component is part of. Likewise, the new values for the SIF of a component may significantly alter the calculated fatigue results for the component.

Before B31J - 2017, SIFs and k-factors have been loosely included in the B31 Codes for some time, but left to the engineer or analyst to develop/determine on their own. Readers were told they could use "default" values (some of which were overly conservative and some of which were non-conservative) for these SIFs and k-Factor values "in the absence of more applicable data...". With B31J - 2017, this more applicable data (and more accurate data) is provided as part of the Code, and the engineer or analyst is directed to use this more applicable data.

B31J - 2017 applies to a limited number and type of components, and to a limited range of sizes, thicknesses, and materials. PRG's product FEATools takes the problem that is finally addressed by B31J - 2017 and solves that problem for MOST types of piping components and for virtually ALL sizes and materials. Most importantly, FEATools allows the Caesar II user to add this functionality (B31J PLUS a whole lot more) to their Caesar II design quickly and easily.

PRG will be giving Webinars on B31J and related topics in the coming months. Please click HERE to go to our Webinars page.

What is B31J - 2017? - "long answer"

Please click HERE to read our detailed informational document on B31J and FEATools(TM)

PRG will be giving Webinars on B31J and related topics in the coming months. Please click HERE to go to our Webinars page.

Don't miss the boat, and don't keep designing your piping components using 40 year old technology.

B31J is going to change piping and pressure vessel design forever. FEATools makes the implementation of B31J automatic, easy, and is avaliable for use today! It covers B31J - 2017 completely AND a whole lot more, fully integrated with Caesar II.

Please note that FEATools(TM), which AUTOMATES the implementation of B31J (and a lot more) within your Caesar II model at the click of a button, is currently ONLY sold by Intergraph. But if you have questions about purchasing an FEATools(TM) License, you can always send your questions to and we will answer your questions or put you in touch with the appropriate Intergraph sales resource to help you.

PRG will be giving Webinars on B31J and related topics in the coming months. Please click HERE to go to our Webinars page.

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